Sibanye Gap Programs

Immersive. Innovative. Integrative.

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Reach Out. Step Up. Take in the World.  


Sibanye Gap Programs will challenge your perceptions of the world and help you grow as a person while fostering innovative and integrative development through processes of collaborative empowerment and empathetic connecting!



Explore your passions and curiosities through unique experiential learning focused on poignant and socially relevant themes.

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Develop important professional and life skills by engaging with the world through internships and volunteer opportunities.

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Push beyond your comfort zone, gain meaningful insight into world and unearth your hidden skills and talents through true immersion experiences and cross cultural interactions.


Your Journey Starts Here!

Sibanye recognizes that individuals, groups and communities have different ways of engaging with the world. Whether this is you first time travelling internationally and are looking for a more supported immersion experience, or, you are looking to engage, learn and contribute to a meaningful social innovation initiative , Sibanye Gap Programs can help you find the right program for you! Choose from our Supportive Immersion Experiences, our Social Innovation Learning Journeys, or our customized Individual Change Maker Program

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Supportive Immersion Experiences

Supportive Immersion Experiences providing participants the opportunity to deeply immerse themselves in the local South African culture, to build authentic relationships and friendships with South Africans, and to explore their own unique passions and curiosities. Throughout their time with Sibanye, participants are supported by Sibanye mentors and staff whose goal is walk alongside the participant and help them realize their optimal zones of learning and reflection. Experiences range from 2 weeks - 5 months.


Social Innovation Learning Journey

Sibanye’s social innovation programming provides participants with the opportunity to engage with meaningful and relevant societal issues by interacting with them directly on the ground. Harnessing on the creativity and energy of cross cultural collaborations, Sibanye strives to foster innovative, insightful and integrative local solutions to the diversity of challenges we face as a global community.

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Change Maker Program

Based on Gandhi mischievous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world”, Sibanye’s change maker program is focused on helping participants explore their passions while developing insight into the world and their role in it. Sibanye will work with participants prior to their arrival to design and develop the right program for you.