Reach Out. Step Up. Take in the World.

As a member of the Supportive Immersion Institute, Sibanye stands on the shoulders of more than a decade of experience in facilitating personal and community development through experiential learning and cross cultural immersion. The Supportive Immersion method pushes participants to move beyond their comfort zones through structured immersion experiences in order to discover meaningful insights both about themselves and the broader world. These insights are aimed at helping a participant uncover their unique potential and realize what they have to offer the world. These newfound insights and knowledge are then enhanced and enriched by building meaningful and empathetic relationships through shared intentional collaborative projects and experiences with local communities that approach and address real world issues. Ultimately, Sibanye’s goal is to propel participants forward on a path of life long learning where they can integrate their new found knowledge and skills in order to help heal the distance between people and plant meaningful seeds of change!

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When: June 10 - August 3 2019

Who: Young Adults (18+)

Where: Stellenbosch & Cape Town South Africa

Description: The Sibanye Summer Program is an integrated 8 week program for young adults looking for a life changing and life preparatory experience. The program is built around a supportive gap community in which fellow participants and Sibanye mentors and staff support participants through their experience in South Africa. Participants will have a weekly internship, engage in Sibanye’s Global Citizenship Change Maker course, develop a meaningful capstone project, partake in a unique wilderness rites of passage experience, go on a one week adventure trip and much more.



When: Anytime

Who: Ages 16+ (minimum 4 participants)

Where: South Africa

Description: The Sibanye Uhambo (or “journey” in the local Xhosa language) was collaboratively developed with our main local partner organization, Usiko Stellenbosch. Although the specific design of each trip may vary, at the heart of the Sibanye Uhambo is fostering deep and meaningful cross cultural friendships that both challenge and enrich how we see the world. It is founded on the idea that tremendous growth takes place when seemingly different people are able to come together for a common good and make a positive influence in the world!


LEADERSHIP IN ACTION (with Winterline Global Skills)

When: July 11 - July 26

Where: Stellenbosch & Cape Town South Africa

Description: The Leadership in Action program, run in partnership with Winterline Global Skills, is focused on engaging and learning from local South African change makers by doing what they are passionate about. Partake in a graffiti class from a local artist and learn how he uses graffiti to engage with his community. Learn to write, shoot and edit your own digital film form a local activist filmmaker. Finally, finish the program by designing a crowdfunding campaign that supports your own personal passion. What makes this trip even more unique is that you will be doing and learning all of the skills side by side with local South African young adults!