The individual changemaker program is 4+ week program (up to 6 months) for motivated individuals looking for a unique gap experience in the Western Cape of South Africa.  Sibanye’s approach to international gap experiences is to provide supportive immersion services while fostering critical global citizen change makers. Sibanye will work with you to design the right program that not only takes into consideration your needs and interests but also fosters insight into yourself and the world.  Following a three day orientation in South Africa, participants will spend the majority of their time in South Africa engaged in a professional internship, volunteer experience or individual academic program. All participants will work through Sibanye’s Global Citizenship curriculum and have a local mentor to help immerse students in the local culture as well as uncover and unpack the amazing social, cultural and ecological beauty of South Africa.  And of course throughout the program Sibanye will organize weekly trips, recreation and cultural engagement activities.



Professional Development Opportunities

Whether you are looking to further develop your skills in a specific field or are looking to explore your curiosities through a diversity of experiences, Sibanye can help you find the right opportunity that will help accelerate you professional development. Sibanye maintains a database of professional internship placements that range a breadth of different fields. Furthermore, we have a range of innovative and socially relevant courses designed by our staff (urban agriculture, social entrepreneurship, rural development…etc) as well as connections with local educational institutions and vocational training programs. Last but certainly not least, we have a diversity of volunteer opportunities where you can apply your knowledge and skills to help advance meaningful local organizations.

Global Citizenship Course

We currently live in an era of rapid globalization where the impact of seemingly small localized action can have global reverberations. It is in this context of a global village that it is increasingly important for us to consider what it means to be a citizen of the world. Where do we fit in as individuals?  How do we act on our values and make sense of their impact on the world? How do we balance our multiple allegiances, identities and responsibilities within the larger global society? Sibanye’s Global Citizenship course is a local tailored learning journey where we consider these questions through cultural immersion experiences, critical self reflection and building constructive and authentic relationships with people different than ourselves!


True Immersion Experiences

One of the most rewards parts of international travel and gap year programs are the opportunity to engage with people from different cultures and backgrounds. At the heart Sibanye is our deep connection to the communities we work in. As such all participants will have the opportunity to be part of a community during their stay in South Africa and move beyond the foreign tourist. Whether this be living with a local homestay family, developing real friendships with other young adults or working on a community project, with Sibanye you are guaranteed to have true immersion experiences that allow you to experience the local culture in deep and meaningful way.


Cape Town and the whole of South Africa is a world class destination for amazing recreational and cultural tourism. In one day, you can visit a beach full of penguins, hike breathtaking mountains and see the Big 5 on an Africa Safari. This is not to mention the amazing diversity and quality of the arts around Cape Town. Long known as one of the worlds premier Jazz destinations in the world, you can go out to in Cape Town to watch incredible live music or visit an amazing African Art Gallery. Due to its rich cultural diversity, Cape Town also has some amazing culinary delights. You can visit the Bo Kaap, the traditional Muslim quarter of Cape Town, and try the delicious Cape Malay cuisine, or, you can visit Khayelitsha and have a traditional shisa nyama (Xhosa bbq). Last but not least is the cultural and historic richness of South Africa. Visiting Robben Island and learning about the Apartheid from a former political prisoner is just one of the many opportunities Cape Town has to offer.