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Step Up, Reach Out, Take in the World
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Sibanye Gap Programs

Sibanye Gap Programs believes that meaningful cross cultural relationships can be a catalyst for insightful, innovative and integrative strategies to address the diversity of challenges we face as individuals and as a global community. 

  • Insightful, in that cross cultural interactions push us to see and learn things from multiple perspectives. 

  • Innovative, in that cross cultural interactions can foster a collaborative creativity that finds solutions in unique places and ways.

  • Integrative, in that cross cultural interactions help to build bridges between theoretical knowledge and lived experience and help to heal the distance between people and cultures.

However, in order for cross cultural interactions to foster this generative potential it also needs to be facilitated and entered into with care, self-awareness and openness.  Sibanye Gap Programs uses a unique blend of approaches that stems from its diversity and depth of experience in participating and facilitating cross cultural experiences and community development around the world.  This approach is rooted in the belief that change starts with critical reflection and gaining a self-awareness of who you are and what you have to offer. This knowledge is then enhanced and enriched by building meaningful and empathetic relationships through shared collaborative experiences that seek to address real world problems.  Ultimately, Sibanye’s goal is shed light on the many ways of being in the world and empower our participants with the knowledge and ability to engage with the world and plant meaningful seeds of change.

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Through processes of collaborative empowerment and empathetic connecting, Sibanye Gap Programs seeks to heal the distance between people in the world, to allow for mutual growth and authentic relationships to build a global community of understanding and well-being.



To provide local and visiting participants with meaningful cross cultural and community engagement experiences that foster personal and collective insight into the many different ways we are connected and the diversity of ways we can work together and integrate these differences to foster innovative and sustainable development strategies.



Sibanye Program’s

Supportive Immersion Experiences

As a member of the Supportive Immersion Institute, Sibanye stands on the shoulders of more than a decade of work on experiential learning and personal growth through cross-cultural immersions. Furthermore, the Supportive Immersion (SUIM) method provides participants the opportunity to delve into the experience in a process-based scaffolded way, with attuned mentors who “walk” alongside the participant throughout the process, and help them to reach out toward optimal zones of learning and reflection. In other words, participants are not just “thrown” into the experience without much guidance at all, but aren’t held by the hand either; they are supported at the right level and allowed to increasingly take more ownership of the experience. Experiences range from 2 week group trips in South Africa to 5 month individualized programming. Clink on the link below to learn more!

Social Innovation Learning Journey

Sibanye’s Social Innovation programming provides participants the opportunity to engage with important and relevant societal issues and furthermore work on innovative and collaborative projects that approach these issues. In order to facilitate these experiences, Sibanye has developed a unique global citizenship and social innovation curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge, lived experiences and meaningful dialogue to foster insight, action and reflection. We seek to use the collaborative creativity and energy of intercultural groups as well as insight into our own unique assets, skills and resources as individuals and communities in order to dream, discover, design, develop and deliver real world projects. Our social innovation learning journey’s range from 2 weeks to semester long programs in Southern Africa and themes can range from urban agriculture to social entrepreneurship and more.

Individual Change maker Programs

Sibanye’s individual change maker program is a customized hybrid program that provides a menu of options and services for individuals looking to spend at least 4+ weeks in Southern Africa. After an initial orientation phase, participants can engage in professional internship experiences, volunteer with community based organizations, participate in vocational or skills based programs or pursue an academic independent study. Depending on your interests and needs, Sibanye can offer different levels of support to help you make the most of your experience as well as foster meaningful and important connections. All participants will have a local staff mentor and will have access to our global citizenship curriculum. Accommodation options range from homestay families and independent living to a home-based model where participants live together in a common home.

Be the change you want to see in the world
— Gandhi